About Trung Nguyen Coffee Company

In 1996, Trung Nguyen was a small business producing coffee in the Ban Me Thuot Province. At that time Vietnam had risen once again to be one of the leading coffee producers in the world, almost exclusively exporting “green” coffee (unroasted beans) that were sold on the commodity market. This meant that Vietnamese exporters had no control over the final quality of the coffee, nor its price.

Roughly, in the central part of Vietnam, (near the border with the lower part of Laos and northeastern Cambodia border) lies the region of “Central Highlands”. Due to the perfect combination of the right altitude, soil composition, natural conditions and temperature, this area is one of the “Top 10” best regions for growing the finest coffee in the world. Yet the region has had no control over its own destiny to produce this once popular and requested coffee.

The owners of Trung Nguyen recognized that in order to be able to produce true “gourmet” coffee and to be reasonably independent of world commodity markets, it was necessary to return to the best possible growing and processing techniques to produce a world-class coffee and carry it through all the way to the packaged product.
After the revival of this exotic coffee, Trung Nguyen developed the first Vietnamese franchise of coffee houses and has expanded throughout Vietnam and a number of other countries.
Trung Nguyen has won numerous prizes and titles for the entrepreneurial achievements of the company as well as its enlightening business practices, and the excellent products. Now it’s the largest producer, processor and exporter of coffee in Vietnam.

Trung Nguyen coffee growers have been certified by EUREPGAP and Utz Kapeh for their “safe and sustainable” coffee growing practices. Trung Nguyen coffee is grown on smaller farms and traditional processing methods such as sun-drying are used. Farm cultivation supports the prosperity of villages where farmers are working under contracts that guarantee them purchase prices for their products. .
Trung Nguyen is using Arabica, Robusta, Chari (Excelsa), Catimor and Liberica. Thanks to these diverse varieties, unique and interesting flavors can be developed to help create bean blends that are unique and better in flavor than any single-source coffee.

Today the most established, respected and successful producer of Vietnamese branded coffee has decided to enter into the Czech household domain. Until recently you could only find Trung Nguyen coffee in the EU, randomly rather than through reachable official channels. We are proud to be authorized importer of Trung Nguyen coffee in the EU.