Privacy Policy

Statement about privacy policy

TENET Marketing s.r.o. does not collect any personal data related to identity unless a person provides it voluntarily. Such information might be collected if a person voluntarily registers in order to use services of TENET Marketing s.r.o., participate in a survey, vote in a public poll etc. No personal information that might identify specific person will be sold or transferred to a third party unless the user is previously warned at the time of collecting this information.

TENET Marketing s.r.o. reserves the right to perform behavior analysis of the users of its internet pages. This analysis include e.g.: number of visitors, number of views of the advertisement banners, unique views etc. – always as a statistic overview, not individually. Users should be aware that data voluntarily given at the discussion forum or other automatically generated pages might be used by a third party. Such use of personal data could not be controlled and TENET Marketing s.r.o. can not and will not be held responsible for it.

Users should also be aware that some information about the users could be automatically stored during standard operations of our server (e.g.: IP address of the user’s device) and when using cookies (Small text files that are stored at the user’s device and help server recognize a user that has already visited it. Cookies keep track of the user’s behavior and they can alter design of the page or optimize advertisement). Cookies can not cause harm to the user’s device. Most browsers allow users to disable the cookies – however a web store can not work properly without cookies being enabled.

Upon request, TENET Marketing s.r.o. will take all necessary and financially reasonable measures to remove all personal information of a user.


Valid from 1.4.2017