Preparation of Vietnamese coffee

The truly authentic Vietnamese coffee is best prepared by using a “Phin” filter. Excellent results can be achieved by adding sweet condensed milk, which enhances the taste and experience of the coffee. In hot Vietnamese climates the coffee is often served with ice resulting in incredibly delicious and invigorating Iced Coffee.

1) Put 2-3 teaspoons of ground coffee into the filter and gently push the filter press inside.
2) The visual experience of the brewing process can be enhanced by using a glass mug. Pour 0.5-1 cm of condensed milk into a cup. Place the filter on the cup and pour a small amount of hot water in (96-100°C) to moisten the coffee.
3) Wait about 20 seconds, then fill the filter chamber with hot water and cover it with the lid. Over the next 5-7 minutes, the water should pass through the strainer.
4) Remove the lid, turn it upside down, place the filter assembly on it. The remaining coffee will collect in the lid and keep your table clean.
Vietnamese coffee can be served hot or with ice for delicious refreshing iced coffee.