Trung Nguyen Legend Caffee

Trung Nguyen Legend Café is a special cultural rendezvous for coffee lovers. At Trung Nguyen Legend Café, you can enjoy the great cups of Energy Coffee by the Life-changing books selected from the knowledge’s essence of humankind. Together with the nutritious energy of the most delicious Vietnamese baguette on earth, all bring a harmonious source of energy, purifying and balancing for the body.

Especially, with Saturday Café Salon, Trung Nguyen Legend Café creates a special space for meeting, cultural exchange, and start-up of the intellectual circles and social community through diversifying topics, such as coffee & books, music, cinema, architecture. This is the best place where you can find mind-matching friends, who love learning, as well as sharing and learning about valuable experiences and Formula of Success for total Prosperity and True Happiness.